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Norma Bistrot                   Via Rocco Pirri 19  - Noto Tel +39 3481939792

A very nice modern restaurant owned by Norma who is a great host. Booking required.

La Manna                          Lungomare Ionio 1, Lido di Noto at Baglio Siciliamo Tel +39 0931 836051

One of the best restaurants right outside town in the countryside. Owned by our friend Roberta. Booking required.


Il Crocifisso                      Via Principe Umberto 48 – Noto Tel +39 0931 571151

One of our favourites. The chef Marco Baglieri will be able to suprise you with his creations. Booking required


Il Dammuso                       Via Rocco Pirri 19  - Noto     Tel +39 0931 835786

A good quality restaurant with typical Sicilian dishes. Booking required.


I Crociferi                          Via Bovio 14 - Noto              Tel +39 329 1684665

New opening in 2023. You can dine in the courtyard of an antique palace in the center of Noto

Instagram i_crociferi_noto


Il Baglietto                        along the road to Vendicari beach       Tel +39 327 0124519

Beautiful restaurant in the garden, with few tables, on the way to Vendicari Beach. Open in the summer time only

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